4 Ways To Wreck Your Responsive Design Now

You might get a number of tricks, tips and ways on how to increase the responsiveness of your business site, but there are always a few things that are often missed. For this Website Design Company in Chennai has come up with various wrecks which if you get over, will surely protect your website from losing its responsiveness. It is more important to ignore what is wrong than to implement what is right. So, here is a list of wrecks by best website designers Chennai that will help you to maintain the responsiveness in your site.

Use Of Low Resolution Images

Many times, web developers make mistake of including images with low resolutions in the website, which ultimately leads to miss increasing the clarity. But they ignore the fact that they get this clarity at a huge cost of speed. Using high resolutions images considerably slows down the responsiveness of your website that makes it highly irritating and slow loading. Hence,

• Use images with the minimum, and comfortable possible size
• Use limited navigation bars that may not slow down your business site
• Don’t have too much of entries on a single page

Ignoring Customer’s Comfort

Web designers often to include new kind of transitions and new kind of designs change the way pages float and appear in a website. This not only makes a user uncomfortable with your business site but also disappoint him/her. And disappointment of customers is the biggest threat to the productivity of your site. Web Design Company in Chennai thus suggests using the simple and the fixed ways of floating and appearance of the pages.

• Follow the Top To Bottom and Left To Right approach
• Do not structure your website in a messy way
• Make everything to appear clearly and comfortably

Ignoring The Importance Of Thumb

A big mistake which most of the web designers made is they ignore the importance of the thumb. Yes, the thumb, the finger which everyone wants to use the most while surfing. But small navigation bars and links many a times make it difficult for the customers to use their thumb comfortably, that makes them to lose their interest in the site. So, always.

• Use buttons and links that will enhance the use of thumb for customers
• Give considerably space between the buttons, so that the customer only hits the button he/she likes

Surprising Without A Reason

When any of the best website designers company Chennai, give a brand new look and design to your ecommerce site you often just simply surprise your customers and visitors when they visit. This is good way to surprise as well as lose your popularity as it will hardly be noticeable to the customers who are making a visit after a long time. Hence, instead of this.
• Notify your customers through email about any change you have made
• Ask your customers to visit and enjoy the new change that you have made
• Collect honest feedback from the customers, about your website and try to implement it to please them

Thus, although surprising is good in many ways it is not the best idea always.

Few Other Ways

Apart from the above discussed there are few other ways that will make you lose responsiveness of your site as.

• Giving importance to pixel perfection
• Ignoring to arrange the right way the content of your page
• Ignoring the organization of products and categories

So, keep in mind all the above discussed parameters while designing your website and always be protected from the wrecks that ruin your website. Good Luck!!!

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