Overhauling the content and design of the website, Exim consultants was important in order to achieve the desired level of visibility and reach. The web as a medium got popular because it offered the highest visibility and reach amongst all other mediums like print, TV, radio, outdoor. Moreover, it brought about a certain degree of measurability through web analytic tools.Other mediums could not offer the same kind of analytics and the net result is that the future is digital.   


If you can build yourself as a great brand on the web then there is a high chance that you will connect with a younger audience. The reason ecommerce companies are doing well is due to the fact that bulk of their product portfolio consists of merchandize that caters to young people.
There are important considerations to be made in terms of Meta tags, image tags, alt tags, and high quality images to be used on the website. Even the domain name of the website should be selected with SEO considerations in mind.

  • Top -level domains need to be purchased. All changes to the website in terms of content should be tweeted so that readers are up to date and in sync with your brand’s vision for the future.
  • The task of revamping the website of a business will be incomplete if it is not followed by link building, link exchange, affiliate marketing. Unless high quality websites do not back link to your website, Google bots will not take it to the top of search rankings.
  • No matter how good or wonderful your product or service may be, it has to be marketed well, in today’s day and age as per the rules defined by social search algorithms.
  • This is because these search algorithms process a vast number of queries each day and if your website does not have the right kind of tags, keywords that can help in lateral semantic indexation or long tail of keywords, then it will never go high in search rankings and neither will it ever be found by users.


Exim consultants had a similar audience but one that was looking for serious value for money, no compromise and a long term career in the cargo, shipping and freight forwarding industry.Most students who contemplate joining these courses are quite often a confused lot. Not knowing what to do, what courses to pursue, what institutes to select. It is only when they join a field that they realize whether they are up for it or not. When their calibre is tested, they look for direction and if they do not get the right direction, they give up causing loss of money and time. Therefore, word of mouth reputation matters a lot in our business. Having an exhaustive website that reflects the personality of the brand and is not just a costly visiting card is important for this business. More and more education and training businesses are moving online as their audience is young and aspirational. They spend most of the time on the internet and therefore seek all their opinions from there that are sacrosanct for them. They wanted to be mentored by people who had decades of experience in this domain. The challenge was to showcase the intellectual firepower of the faculty and reflect it on the website so that students can pick the right institute.

Similar claims were being made by competitors but the website had to be tweaked in such a way that it showcased the depth of reasoning, comprehension and analytical ability of the faculty members so that students felt secured that they have got the right beacon for their future. Parents nowadays are a very aware lot and have themselves gone through the waters of the corporate world and now desire nothing but the best for their kids. They study the online property of an institute, its pedagogy intensively before deciding upon the next course of action .It is important that education businesses win mindshare and market share through the top of the mind recall. And that can only be possible by developing a sound online property and reinforcing the brand through aggressive online marketing. Something that was achieved successfully in this case.

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