Every brand goes through various stages of development from growth to maturity and ultimate death and in some cases, there is a resurrection.Exim Academy and its expertise have been around for more than three decades and there was an urgent need to rebrand old brands in order to make them seem relevant to the present times.   


Fresh designs, younger designs that focussed more on the strength of the faculty, the human capital of the institute were conceptualized. User interface and user experience were given priority so that all tabs were equi-distant from the centre of the screen where usually the cursor is there. Instead of being bright and colourful, the idea was to create a design that appealed to the younger generation who were looking for something serious to make a career. Also, the fact that a lot of parents, investors, faculty members will visit the site to evaluate the institute was kept in mind before undertaking the overhaul of the design. 


Open source word-press themes and plug-ins were used to develop the new version of the website. Word-press was used for its ease of use, convenience and the fat that it pings all search engines whenever there is new content on the pages and that in turn boosts the rankings of the website. Content has been tweaked to ensure that it can be shared easily across all social media platforms through shorter URLs. Each like, share contributes a lot to the visibility and higher score in both search engines and in those tools that measure social media visibility.


Rewriting the content of the website to include search-friendly keywords that are suggested by keyword planner tool was undertaken. Content is the most important element of the marketing mix and therefore you need to pay a lot of attention to its originality and the fact that it is understood easily by the target audience. Since the future is digital there was a strong need to translate the brand’s strong offline presence into a phenomenal online brand. For this branding, partners had to work on the design to make it more market-friendly. Re-develop the content to make it more search engine friendly.


In order to get the right marketing mix for Exim academy, we have advised the brand to undertake a major marketing blitzkrieg on Google and Facebook as the education and training business is populated by youngsters who trust only Google and Facebook and the click streams of data coming out of these networks to make their buying decisions. Parents assume that their ward has done the due diligence in order to select the right institute.

Their only concern is affordability and the good future of their kids and they trust Exim Academy to do a clinical and thorough job in terms of securing the future of their kids by offering high quality training. Even those considering a career change and desire to enter the shipping industry can rely on Exim Academy’s expertise to achieve their desired objectives.


Branding and rebranding exercises are meant to be taken regularly at intervals of 24-36 months as the market changes, technology changes and these days you have to run faster to be in the same place. Google requires that there should be something new every hour on your website in order to make the site stay on top.

If that is not possible, then daily, weekly addition of new content is required. Fresh content should be disseminated through social media platforms especially to those readers who have liked the page and have subscribed to email newsletters.

Such regular initiatives by every employee in the company will help sustain the organization as a brand in the long run. Education is more or less a recession free businesses and the focus has to be on quality and not quantity.

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